Welcome to the Wonderful World of Websites!

Websites, like a good book, should invite you to turn the page.

Such a website wants you to continu reading, makes you curious and keeps you browsing.


This is the kind of website 'The Wonderful World of Websites!' wants to create.

Together with you.


A website that is easy to acces and maintain, that is elaborate but not overwhelming.

A simple, but always attractive and inviting website.


A website that says something about you and your product.

A website that gives an impression of you and your dreams!


Want to know what website I can make for you?

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Ingrid van der Straaten, Wonderful World of Websites

WWW!: an initiative by Ingrid

“I like to make websites, to create an image, a vision. I like to talk with people and visualize their personal view on things, their product or company.

It is a creative process that is very challenging and I love to see how skills, creativity and a wish for a website can come together in a product that both me and the customer like.

Created by ‘The Wonderful World of Websites!’ 2011